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totem poles y por que no ESTELAS de los Mayas. Se pueden hacer en la clase de Espanol incorporando elementos de la cultura Maya ex: Geroglifiocos, imagenes de animales que representen a la cultura Maya: tortugas, serpientes, jaguares. y representantes de la fauna como flores del agua (water lily). Muy buen proyecto para reciclar conceptos aprendidos acerca de la Cultura Maya y para repasar. M.Melara

winter birds project. meant for elementary kids but giving me tons of inspiration for my own!

Blog post- Cute way to get your kids writing! Create a story with the animals on your totem pole! My kids were so excited to tell their story of their own totem pole!

Art & Story in Totem Poles. A 5 minute video on the history of totem poles, ending with a story of a pole from Alaska.

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My grade 1 classes art lesson. Rainforest art lesson inspired by a lesson from "Deep Space Sparkle". I still can't believe how great they turned out! This is a picture of one in progress.

Classroom DIY: Pioneer Journals

Are you looking for a meaningful way to integrate writing in your social studies classroom? Try historical journals! A great way to integrate narrative writing and history!