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Weaving together Asian, Celtic, and fantasy styles of artwork, this breathtaking new Rider-Waite-Smith-based tarot deck by renowned artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is infused with universal symbols found in fairy tales, myths, and folklore from cultures around the world. Shadowscapes Tarot,

The Celestial Tarot Deck

Nombre (Deck) :Afro-Brazilian Tarot .- País (Country): Italia (Italy) .- Publisher : Lo Scarabeo .- Fecha (Date) : ???. 2006, Designer,: Alice Santana, Artist: Giuceppe Palumbo, Description: Based on the Yoruba traditions is dedicated to the divinities of the African Yoruban and Brazilian Candomble religions, and combines these and Santeria with the archetypes of tarot.

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Example card from the World Spirit Tarot deck. DISCOVER MORE:

Fool card from the Tell-Me Tarot

Koi Fish Print, Sunrise Art, World Tarot Card, Koi Pond, Large Wall Art, Japanese Decor, Animism Tarot Deck

World Tarot Card Art Koi Fish Print 8x10 Wall by rainbowofcrazy, $17.50

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The Universe - Satisfaction, fulfillment, and pride because we have achieved something. Fruitless and bounty as a reward for earlier efforts. Good fortune and confirmation that now we are putting enough into life to get out of it what we need. We finally achieve the good fortune and joy of the Universe. The traumas and self-imposed obstacles are gone. We dance with the joy of life.