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Giambologna (1574-82) - The Rape Of The Sabine Women. Florence, Italy. The indentation of fingertips into flesh here is incredible. By the way, "the English word 'rape' is a conventional translation of Latin raptio, which in this context means 'abduction' rather than its prevalent modern meaning of sexual violation."

The Wounded Achilles, Filippo Albacini 1777-185. Achilles was the best fighter of the Greeks besieging Troy in the Trojan War. When the hero Odysseus journeyed to the Underworld to seek the advice of the dead prophet Teiresias, he encountered the shade of Achilles. This hero had slain the Trojan hero Hector in single combat and had himself been brought down only by the connivance of Apollo. The god guided the arrow of Hector's brother Paris to the only vulnerable spot on Achilles' body-his…

The Kiss of Death in Barcelona’s Poblenou Cemetery. 1930. White marble. Attributed to Jaume Barba, but possibly created by Joan Fontbernat.

In this sculpture, Michelangelo really brings out his amazingness in sculpting. He created the virgin Mary holding Jesus after he had been hung on the cross and died.