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El Desarrollo Humano Sostenible -

¿Que pasa realmente con las botellas de plástico vacías? - EiveoTV

Soda bottle compost project: an empty 2 liter soda bottle + things around the house/yard to teach kids about how compost is made

Where did Earth’s water come from? Water covers over 70% of the Earth, cycling from the oceans and rivers to the clouds and back again. It even makes up about 60% of our bodies. But in the rest of the solar system, liquid water is almost impossible to find. So how did our planet end up with so much of this substance? And where did it come from? Zachary Metz outlines the ancient origins of water on Earth. View full lesson:

MAN: Relata en 3 minutos la relación del ser humano con la naturaleza. Mediante una excelente animación y una música que acompaña el viaje del ser humano por su historia de devastación y dominación sobre la naturaleza, el corto nos recuerda el terrible destino que nos depara como planeta y humanidad.

A TED-Ed Lesson Explaining the Three Most Common Routes of Cancer Metastasis

In the TED-Ed lesson "How does cancer spread through the body?," animated by Andrew Foerster and narrated by Addison Anderson, educator Ivan Seah Yu Jun (previously) explains how cancer moves throu...

Jour de la Terre FREE - French Earth Day Mini-Book - le jour de la Terre en français - writing prompt and word search

ABC Nature Walk - Perfect for Earth Day!

ABC Nature Walk - Perfect for Earth Day! I had students do it over a long weekend (Easter) as a family activity and the kids AND parents loved it.

20+ Free Earth Day Printables for Kids

20+ Free #EarthDay Printables for children @Totschooling // 20+ Imprimibles gratis para el #Diadelatierra para niños y niñas #reciclaje #cienciasambientales

Plant Life Cycle Emergent Reader (Freebie)