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The NYC Secret Restaurant Primer

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Karla Diaz Cano goes on a mission to find the best food trucks in the city of New York. First up, Wafels & Dinges.

Waffles & Dinges - foodtruck. Best NYC street food eveerrrrrrr:D

Street Meat and Sweet Treats: 5 NYC Food Trucks

NYC food trucks | Wafels and dinges The only thing that got me through astronomy lab on Monday nights was the beckoning aroma of the Wafels and Dinges cart parked on 116th and Broadway. At 9 o’clock sharp I’d be on my way to getting a liege wafel with nutella, speculoos, and strawberries. If you’d rather top your wafel with savory dinges (Flemish slang for “things”), try a chilli con corne, for a southwestern twist on your Belgian waffle.

Waffles and dinges waffle....yum! Foley Square at foot of Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan. Waffle with Strawberries and banana. Share for a taste

The Stress Less Dinner Party

Parchment paper, brown mailing paper, or the roll from a child's easel makes a casual place mat for two when draped across a table. And when the meal is over, cleanup is a snap.

Food Market, Florence, Italy

chicken waffle food trailer austin