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La manzanilla es una hierba que proviene de una planta con flores de la familia de las margaritas. Tanto las flores frescas y secas de la manzanilla se han utilizado para crear tés durante siglos para curar una serie de problemas de salud. El ingrediente activo es el aceite esencial de manzanilla se conoce como […]

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Black Adder Hyssop

Black Adder Hyssop - 1-Quart at Jackson and Perkins

Mexican Mint Marigold Sweet licorice flavor brightens salads and main dishes. Pretty, golden yellow flowers bloom all summer. Full sun. 20-26"

Feverfew: ardy perennial. Dainty plant with lacy leaves and daisy flowers, fast-growing and often used in herb and flower beds. Gaining medical recognition as a migraine preventative. Leaves eaten one or two a day, or made into a tincture or syrup. Easy to grow in most any soil and conditions. Reseeds, sometimes profusely--keep an eye on it.

Living Afield - Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora)

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Eucalyptus Oil Uses - A Powerhouse Essential Oil

Uses for eucalyptus essential oil are abundant and diverse. Because it's so powerful, diverse, and easy to use it's one of our top must-have essential oils!

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Horehound-Famous for making old-fashioned Horehound candy, Horehound is a medicinal herb used primarily to break up mucus and phlegm, treat coughs, and sore throats. As an ornamental herb, its attractive, fuzzy gray foliage can also be used as a bouquet filler. Horehound tends to thrive in dry, poor soil, so this makes a great herb to dress areas up that may have inadequate conditions. If after a year your Horehound doesn't flower, don't be alarmed. It usually takes this hardy little…