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There will always be people who say that we can´t, weather they are unknowingly projecting their insecurities and fears on to us or more complex reasons. Nonetheless, it is in ourselves to make the decision to allow their words to stop us or to follow our dreams till the end.

We must do all we can to change the world, at least our world, so we get to live the life we want and not the one we complain about because it´s the one that "just happened".

Y por eso debemos de ponerle para cambiar el mundo, al menos el nuestro, así podremos vivir la vida que queremos y no la vida de la que todos nos quejamos porque "nos tocó".

Of course there are obstacles and difficulties in life, but it is only when we accept that these are impassable unless we get lucky (win the lottery, being discovered, etc) that they actually become impassable walls.

Hardships, problems, tragedies and anything that might happen in our lives, we are still the only ones responsible for that life, and the only ones who can do something to make it better or to stay in the same place blaming circumstance and others.

La felicidad podemos entenderla como algo que sucede repentinamente, dependiente del chance y de la suerte. O puede ser algo que construimos y desarrollamos, algo que llevamos dentro sin importar que suceda a nuestro alrededor.

To create happiness is one of the greatest goods we can do for others, so let´s take some time, even if just a little, to generate happiness in all those around us.

Vivimos el presente en pro del futuro, pero la verdad es que de nada nos sirve el futuro si no aprovechamos el presente.

We live the present in pro of the future, but the truth is that the future is meaningless if we do not live in the present moment.