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Los mejores 'cosplay' de la Comic-Con 2014 - Álbum de fotos -

Beautiful Maleficent at Dragon Con 2014 Más

Nice! I need color, but very nice set here. Not a huge fan of the night owl "sabine" helmet. I prefer the standard Mando helm. Also, don't like the skin tight "flight suit". Sexy, yes. But not comfortable (functional).

Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Maleficent // Absolutely gorgeous

Dwarf, from San Diego Comic Con 2014.

Briareos Hecatonchires - Appleseed Cosplay - #SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2014

I honestly think the makers of CW's Arrow made a good decision making Sara Lance…

Maleficent cosplay costume at Ottawa Comic Con 2014

Harley Quinn- I want to do this cosplay! It's gorgeous!

OMG...they are all wearing's amazing! (Thank you, you look amazing!) Loki, Heimdall by À Lanna Mode, Thor | March Toronto Comic Con 2014