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Sugerencia: Practicar expresiones con "tener" (Tiene calor, tiene hambre, tiene sed...)

Estoy contento.Cancion. http://www.rockalingua.com/

The shettles method claims to have a success rate of 80-85% for a boy and 75-80% for a girl. So what are the shettles rules?

DOG FOUND - HAYDEN, AL on May 9, 2014: this dog was found near Plantation Golf Course on Hwy 160 in Hayden, AL. Appears young and small. Seems to have been outside for quite awhile, was very dirty and very hungry. He's had good and a bath. Was wearing a collar but no ID tag. Must be able to describe the collar to claim dog. Contact: Tmfjwilburn@yahoo.com

Written by me, borrowed amazing photo to describe the havoc created by one power hungry and ignorant person that lead me to having to resign or stay and compromise my principles. Freedom is exhilarating but scary with no safety net. Escape the path of destruction before it is too late!

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A2 - El Pretérito Indefinido es el tiempo verbal que tiene más irregulares. Si tenéis problemas para recordarlos todos, aquí tenéis una presentación que he construido en Prezi

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