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Un nuevo hombre ciborg: Yevgueni Chereshnev

Presidents Medals: New Lohachara – A Dialogue between Man and the [Super]Natural

Fritz Kahn - This is what occurs in our head when we see and say “Auto” 1943

The working drawings for Buckminster Fuller's own home. Contrary to urban legend, Bucky did not design it! It was a Pease Dome, a prefab dome designed by Alvin Miller. Miller patented the dome. Bucky was the first to use the Pease Dome as a home. Bucky never designed any actual dome. He patented the geometry for them and named them geodesic and consequently has been getting the credit for others' work.

Archigram - Instant city

Joe Colombo, Total Furnishing Unit a (1971)

Inflatacookbook: 1970s alternative media/architecture collective Ant Farm’s instruction manual on how to create weirdly inhabitable inflatable structures

Photo of Apple North Michigan Avenue - Chicago, IL, United States. Neat glass bridge.

Superstudio, The Continuous Monument