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How About the Relationship Box?

Absolutamente sin desperdicio! Esta es mi reflexión de la semana para parejas. Todo en la vida está en lo que damos. Si no damos nada, no podemos esperar montones y mucho menos exigir. Esta demostrado que con pequeñas cosas podemos hacer sentir bien a nuestras parejas, pero el detalle debe estar ahí, siempre presente. Llena tu caja siempre y procura nunca sacar más allá de lo que pones. #asupermomindr

How to be Happier Today: 36 Ideas to Climb Out of a Bad Mood

How to be Happier: 36 Ways to Climb out of a Bad Mood -- #happy #positive #wellness

6 Surprising Secret Phrases Men Desperately Crave (He'll Thank You For This

6 Surprising Secret Phrases Men Desperately Crave (He’ll Thank You For This) - What most women don't realize is that if you ever want a man to have deep intense feelings for you, then you need to become emotionally in-tune with him. Here are 6 emotionally stimulating phrases that will absolutely blow his mind and steal his heart in just one conversation. And yes, he’ll thank you for this… #obsessionphrases #secretphrases #datingadviceforwomen #relationships #attraction

“Quiero estar soltera, pero contigo” la carta viral que arrasa en las redes sociales

La carta, que arrasa en las redes sociales, cuenta con gran sinceridad la visión de la pareja ideal bajo la mirada de la escritora canadiense Isabelle Teissier...

8 Things You Should Do While You're Single To Make Your Next Relationship Healthier

8 things you should do when you're single to make your next relationship healthier

10 Things You Should Never Put Up With In A Long-Term Relationship, Because Having A History Together Doesn't Mean You Should Accept Being Treated Poorly

10 Things You Should Never Put Up With In A Long Term Relationship

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I Want the Kind of Marriage

So VERY thankful that our girls have this. A marriage based on The Lord first and then us.

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