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Accurate & Empowering advice for those tired of the "woo-woo" and looking for genuine insight to transform their lives and relationships @LivePerson.

"Susan "speaks the truth" - her fearless abilities is why she is an Amazing Intercessor" & "Susan always teaches me! She is a straight shooter and tells you like it is..." & "She is a true friend and an authentic reader. She has very strong, powerful energy that I can draw on in times of need. I often contact her when I need a boost in positive energy" & "Many fellow experts seek Susan for her wisdom & guidance in matters regarding the Heart, Mind and Soul."

"what a wonderful woman, caring, a sense of humour, a life long desire to be of help, you're an inspiration about how to approach life as a mature adult Donna, may the Lord keep you and Shine on you!"

"The best astrologer I have ever encountered bar none. Her skill in Astrology is uncanny. I often read her monthly horoscope and think she’s reading me (and have told her this!) Melodie is a true professional who combines astrology and tarot with consummate skill. She defines ethical."& "she is so smart and just a chock full of information. How do you find the time?" & "a prime example to all experts how one can be TOP ranked on Page ONE and still find time to mentor fellow experts!"

"a genuine business and executive coach and advisor. Highly ethical as he will not do homework, tests, exams, quizzes, term papers, rewrite to avoid plagiarism etc.” & “been very helpful, not only to me, but to others in other categories as well ... He has demonstrated a very caring nature when he volunteered to go in and talk to Rob L on our behalf for various problems that presented… without getting too technical, he did put in his voice and was very helpful. he is 'music' to a lot of…

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"Positive input on this woman from clients, very straight forward and doesn't pull any punches ... feel she is ethical and honest in her presentation!" & "this girl always says her truth no matter what and shes gorgeous"& "Maiara is a honey of a woman, very smart and a very intuitive listener in a reading scenario, 5 stars" & "She's sharp outside of being intuitive, she's insightful and just can really size up people and situations without beating around the bush."

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