Tigre aillé
Just make a wish by FlashW.deviantart.com on @deviantART
Panthera, Acinonyx, Xenosmilus, Smilodon, Megantereon, Pseudaelurus, Metailurus, Machairodus, Adelphailurus, Homotherium, Proailurus, Hoplophoneus, Eusmilus, Barbourofelis, Thylacoleo, Thylascomilus
Born from nothing by Whiluna.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Snow leopard in body, wolf in spirit... I have a little magnet about the totem animal wolf, which contains that phrase "Wolf - Know that you will be protected". I always wanted to do a picture dedi...
This is the adoptables I sold a few days ago. And as I said, if you buy any of my adoptables you will also get one chibi drawing of your new character. Here's the adoptable batch -> If I'm going...
Commission for Attsos! (will be getting sketches to other commissioners soon )
Byakko- Chinese myth: a white celestial tiger that was the guardian of the west. It represented the west, autumn, wind, and metal. It only appeared when the world was at peace or when a king ruled with true virtue.