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Gracias porque mi padre comparte su sabiduría. 26/10/2015 - 126

Apocalipsis 5:9 Digno eres de tomar el libro y de abrir sus sellos; porque tú fuiste inmolado, y con tu sangre nos has redimido para Dios, de todo linaje y lengua y pueblo y nación.♔

About 6 months ago, I started writing a gratitude list. I still write, but also find how important it is to just say....Thank you! Every morning, when you wake....let those be the first words you think of, and the first words you speak! You'll be amazed at how many miracles will happen for you because of those two little words!!!

Perfect Thank You Notes: Heartfelt And Handwritten

It really is worth it to be grateful for everything. Everything!

Happiest New Year Thank you to the person I love the most for spending the last day of 2015 with me. Congrats to us for not only surviving our first year together but enjoying every step of the way. Yay to all the good times we had and will have and to all the hardships we conquered AND WILL CONQUER together I hope 2016 has some amazing things in store for you me and the both of us because I couldn't have done all that I did without you by my side #365grateful…

I didn't say thank you because I'm polite. I said it because I'm grateful" -Bob Zau - Quote From #RECITE #QUOTE

pirate ship for she is my captain! . My dear friends! The fake FB page is taken down thanks to all of your support and to @jchouanard who has found it and let me know. . I cannot expresses how grateful and touched I am with all your support! . My prints can be ordered through FineArtAmerica (link in bio) and soon will be more for sale! I deleted the two previous posts because fake page is gone and it's time to continue telling/showing you my stories.. but! all your comments and kind words…

I am here because of blood donors Thank You