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How to Turn the Bottom of a Plastic Bottle into Flowers!

Imagen de cómo convertir el fondo de una botella de plástico en Flores!

Icicle Ornaments From Plastic Bottles

Make icicle ornaments out of plastic soda bottles. Cool! 3 5. OPTIONAL: now you can either cut the thin non-twisted spike at the thin end, or leave it there. (Click picture to see both versions) you can also cut the top (the wider end) of the icicle to a rounded shape. 6. heat a needle or nail over the candle and

I am soooooo making this~

paper clay halloween projects | How to make Paper Clay

Jewelry stand made with the base of plastic bottles! DIY!

Scoop from plastic milk bottle.

fondos de botellas descartables. bottoms of discarded bottles

Upcycle Us: Eco-friendly curtains and lamp from the bottoms of water bottles. You could even paint wash the insides different colored acrylic paint to add some color.