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I drew Moo the cow! :D I love cows!

Aaaawwww! SpringTrap! You little cutie ^w^

Based off of one of my favorite sonic99rae vids, SpringTrap gets a Boot-To-The-Head! XD (ouch that's gotta hurt o-o )

Tracy is jealous of Freddy because he's cheating on her with Moo, and she needs to calm down. So why not have one of her closest friends cheer her up! :3

Human Goldie and Human SpringTrap ^^

Nuuuuuu! SpringTrap don't listen to him! D:

This is a remake of a crossover I made a while ago which is FNAF and one of my fav anime movies, Ponyo. I ship SpringTrap and Goldie too much X3 SpringTrap: "I really like this thing." Goldie: *smiling* (The thing SpringTrap is holding is a soft towel BTW)