Up until now the twins have shared a bedroom. They've been more than happy with this arrangement, but now they've started school (in separate classes) and we've been encouraging their independence ...

Inspire them to dream big with map of the world wallpaper - fun and educational

If I ever have a kid they are having a gigantic map in their room and are going to know about the world.

Kids' Room Print- I love this print! So perfect for a playroom or bedroom of either gender! #spon

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Thanks @Poppytalk for this sneak peek of the December 2015 issue of Inside Out magazine. Styling by Heather Nette King. Photography by Mark Roper. Available from newsagents, Zinio, www.zinio.com, Google Play, play.google.com/..., Apple’s Newsstand, itunes.apple.com/... and Nook.

the boo and the boy: kids' rooms on instagram

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