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Scultura C (Infinito) Sculpture C (Infinite)

BRANDON CRONE PART 2: Through these meticulous shapes, Crone explores “the infinite nature of awareness and the vast potential of the human mind”. As the designs fold and unfold over the body, the geodesic patterns represent his deep interests in “the realms of quantum physics, eastern philosophies, and the power of the human mind”. The results are eye-catching and thought-provoking.

Manchester Wood modern TV Tray Tables | Made in USA

Nine inspirational quotes about Thanksgiving to help you embrace an attitude of gratitude all year round. Each quote is downloadable and can be printed!

Albert Camus sobre la felicidad y el amor, ilustrado por Wendy MacNaughton | Pickings cerebrales

• ARTIST . BLOUH • ◦ Dream But Don't Sleep ◦

The Lovers & Drifters club

Everything they walk past each other in the corridors of the government building, Ian just wants to pull Leiliana into his arms. But, he can't, and he knows it.

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