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Margaret Sanger, The Founder of Planned Parenthood

Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together.

Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin (1863-1952), Chippewa lawyer; she was the first Native American student and first woman of color to graduate from the Washington College of Law, in 1914. She worked in the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and was an officer in the Society of American Indians. Because she was a fluent French speaker, she offered her skills as a translator to the War Department during WWI.

The war on women, brought to you by the GOP.

We owe so much to the women who fought so hard for the rights we take for granted now. It is bad that men attack feminists but it is far worse when women do so.

"Imagine the summer of 1905. At the races at Auteuil (near Paris) a woman appeared wearing trousers in public for the first time. Her name is unknown, but this is a picture of her. Police men had to protect her against the curiosity and outrage of the crowd. The incident dominated the newspapers for days on end."

I support a woman's right to make decisions about her own body.