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los niños atrapados en el Blitz, El Blitz ('relámpago' en alemán) fue el bombardeo sostenido al Reino Unido por la Alemania nazi entre el 7 de septiembre de 1940 y el 16 de mayo de 1941.Fue llevado a cabo por la Luftwaffe y afectó a numerosas poblaciones y ciudades, aunque el grueso del ataque se concentró en Londres. El Blitz provocó alrededor de 43.000 muertes, y destruyó más de un millón de viviendas, pero fracasó en alcanzar los objetivos estratégicos de sacar a Inglaterra de la guerra,

Russian children, living in a dugout (1942)

Frightened children found in a shelter in Stalingrad

Paula Hitler (January 21, 1896 - June 1, 1960) - Sister of German dictator Adolf Hitler (8 yrs. younger). Their parents had both died by the time she was 11. She worked as a secretary till being fired when employer learned she was Hitler's sister.

Warsaw, Poland, Children sitting on the pavement. These children who deserved so much more from life.

Iconic Images Of The Vietnam War: June 8, 1972 A Vietnamese grandmother carries her severely burned 1 y/o grandson down Route 1 after a misdirected napalm attack by South Vietnamese pilots in the village of Trang Bang, South Vietnam.

Women Of World War Two Memorial

Russian children stand abandoned outside the ruins of their home. Nazi soldiers destroyed their home and took their parents prisoner. (1942) So sad :'(

Helmuth Hübener (8 January 1925 - 27 October 1942) was one of the youngest opponents to the Third Reich to be sentenced to death and executed. He lived in Hamburg, Germany, and joined the Hitler Youth but after Kristallnacht he started questioning the Nazi party, and left. He started making anti-Nazi pamphlets. On the 5 February 1942 he was arrested by Gestapo, sentenced to death on the 11 August and beheaded by guillotine on the 27 October.