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Nuevos gitanos, por Iain Mckell

21st century Gypsies: Stunning pictures show how new age travellers are now adopting traditional horse-drawn caravans


Horse-Drawn Travelers for a New Century

Photographer Iain McKell returned to the English countryside in 2001 for the summer solstice festival at Stonehenge. The travelers he met had taken up horse-drawn caravans as their mode of transportation, incorporating a strain of back-to-the-land environmentalism into a hybrid of hippy and punk lifestyles. For the next 10 years, sometimes for several days at a time, McKell traveled and photographed the group, which has culminated in a book called The New Gypsies, published by Prestel.

A lovely photo from the book The New Gypsies by Iain McKell.


The New Gypsies, Iain McKell

"The term "gypsy" originally applied to a band of nomadic tribes from India who had traveled for so many centuries they forgot where they had originated. During the Middle Ages, these nomads traveled through Europe. When the Europeans assumed they hailed from the ancient land of Egypt, the nomads did not correct them. The nomads were then labeled as Egyptians which was shortened to "gypsies." The Gypsies became known for their colorful clothing, exotic music and dance, and nomadic…