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Explora 14 Papel, Papel Seda, ¡y mucho más!

Plegado: 20/07/14 Papel seda 120 grs con escamas de 30x30 cm

Cangrejo - Crab by JuAnSe! origami

Camelia planar star Tessellated (Riccardo Foschi) by Riccardo Foschi

Zorro con colmillos - Oriol Esteve by Rui.Roda

エリマキトカゲ / Frill-Necked Lizard by Gen Hagiwara

Yakushiji Tenzen - Hoàng Trung Thành by AbrahamMardini

I'm in the process of buildng my own little herd of dragons. or rather my my herd of little dragons.... ;-P at the last meeting of the local star trek fans/nerds the little devils got out of the box and started to run recklessly across the table and playfully fight each other. everyone present was pretty excited and considered the shenanigans to be very cute. luckily mr. sen phoenix was there to capture the scene with his camera. in the foreground you the fiery dragon broters by kade chan…