Arte huichol: autonomía, estética y tradición

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land art- if I have my own land one day, I'd like to create pieces throughout, some would last, others would fade, but upon exploring you'd find so much

The two Huichol Indian yarn "paintings I have are among my most prized possessions. Created by the Huichol Indians of Mexico, the yarn is applied to a support of bees wax. Their work is among the most beautiful and original of Mexican folk art. Seeing one isn't seeing them all. But they all provide endless fascination in variety of content and amazing combination of color, design and skill.

The Nierika is a form of spiritual art used by the Huicholes, a native population of the Western Central Mexico. These ritual artefacts consist in pieces of colored yarn glued with wax to round or square backings.

Sand drawings by Andres Amador

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