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Kankasin V on

Art by Kankasin V on Twitter — Helios and Chibiusa OMG it look so like the anime

Princess Serenity from the "Sailor Moon" manga.

These fan-made Sailor Moon redesigns are so good they should be real

New Sailor Moon 2013

TAKEUCHI NAOKO - Sailor Moon 【Princess Serenity & Prince Endymion】

I always thought they'd look alike with Serena's hair down.

Sailor Moon Inner Senshi (Sailor Stars/Season 5 Opening )

While listening to music from Sailor Moon *tear* I decided to draw the inner senshi in Alphonse Mucha style. I called the series Sailor Moocha and this is part of my Art Parody Project. I had so much fun drawing them and I think they look best together. - See more at:

Finished: Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 iPhone Wallpaper. PM me for the image with no Watermark.