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marivela14: tonys-snark: lets-stretch-bitches: sareaokelani: Sergeant First Class William James. You’re welcome. Bless [x] @jmp7095 @andruargentina @upgradedanxiousstate aggggggg me infarct

de ceslava | diseño & cursos

Truco simple para GIFs animados en 3D sin gafas

Un truco muy simple para crear GIFs animados en 3D sin gafas

Avengers Age of Ultron Gag Reel Hawkeye and Maximoff twins. I LOVE THIS XD !!! <------ My reaction to seeing this AHHHHHH!!!!!

I think Renner is mentally five. <<<< He's sooo adorable!!!!

kisses collection ……add yours @chynna-is-not-here  @chagrintrovert @seli971 @jmp7095 @kittyinferno @ladydeathfaerie @up-in-the-air10 @sarabeth72 @wheremyfortunelies@snooziep @snowrayban @rachaelrozee @marivela14 @tara-ngx@theagingfangirl

Smart Bitches Trashy Books review of Tempest in Time with Jeremy Renner gifs

sarabeth72 rachaelrozee jmp7095 katsdisturbed Hi amigas !!  kisses