Explora La Sociedad Islámica, Delaware, ¡y mucho más!

where a pastor of a church and a member of the Islamic society of central Delaware- recently released an open letter to citizens and the state of Delaware.   Now this letter is a response to recent backlash against Muslim-Americans- and is intended to not only educate but also unite citizens.
Dear Pastor Speaking About Islam: An Open Letter to the Pastor of the Church We Visited in Reference to Your Teaching About Muslims. (On intentionality towards love, over mockery or fear.)
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The city of Boston has started a campaign to encourage bystanders to not just "say something" to authorities but to do something themselves.
The protesters’ central issues were built on identity politics, and identity politics is too small to create a movement to counter Donald Trump.
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(RNS) A new LifeWay Research survey also finds that most pastors have not addressed economic inequities in their communities or joined a public lament about racial injustice.
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