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Amb. 279.2° Folio 31 recto

Butcher and Baker | Mendel, a wealthy trader established a charitable endowment in the city of Nuremberg: the Twelve Brothers House Foundation (Zwölfbrüderhausstiftungen). 12 elderly, unwell (but capable) man were given a place to live in exchange for their performing work duties. Although life and routine was said to have been inspired by the apostles, there was a fairly anti-clerical tone to the rules. Priests were formally excluded | house was a model for similar charity…

Die Hausbücher der Nürnberger Zwölfbrüderstiftungen

Mendel I - Amb. 317.2° Maltechnik: Lavierte Federzeichnung Farbauftrag: Schwarze Tinte, blaue, braune und grüne Wasserfarben, Höhung in Deckweiß und Zinnober. Bildmaße: H 255 x B 196 Datierung: Ab 1425 Folio 86 r hufsmit (Hufschmied)

Muckley 1386 Hunting The Hunting Book of Gaston Phébus: Paris, Bibliotheque nationale, MS fr. 616 (Manuscripts in Miniature) [Hardcover] Wilhelm Schlag (Author)

Retronaut - Crafts and trades, Germany

Retronaut - 1500s: Crafts and trades, Germany

St. Thomas guild - medieval woodworking, furniture and other crafts: woodworking trades

An awl lies on the table of shoemaker Ott Norlinger (1476) from the Hausbuch of the Mendelschen Zwolfbruderstiftung (Neurenberg, Germany). Folio 96 recto.

Amb. 279.2° Folio 31 verso

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