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Un reporte desde la programación 'A'.

Welcome to another blog from yours truly about the harsh reality that your favorite super show comes to an end. I feel the pain of my many of you who admire either a cartoon series of a super hero that has been around since the Great Depression era like Superman or Batman or a recent super hero show like The Thundermans or Wordgirl.The former I have never seen since my cable system removed Viacom's programs in October 2014 but what I saw on Wkipedia.com is that the show will be on its…

How to Create a Halloween Illustration With a White Kitten in Adobe Illustrator by Nataliya Dolotko

Marvel contra bullying 2

la bienvenida a la boda de los fans del programa de la boda

calvin and hobbes

Next day off. 24 hours of spooky kids programming.

Make Halloween pom pom critters as Halloween Crafts for Kids! Fun!!

Currently people focused on watching television, people prefer Television for listening news, watching favorite programs hence everything is being watched on TV, young girls prefer Fashion shows

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