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Business related Vocabulary - For more info please contact: The best Mandarin School in China

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Saying goodbye in Mandarin: let's get in touch 再联系

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Dialogue- A: Xīn chǎnpǐn shénmeshíhou tóufàng shìchǎng? 新产品什么时候投放市场? When will the new products be launched in the local market? B: Xīn chǎnpǐn jiāng zài xīnnián qián tóufàng dāngdì / guónèi / guójì / dōngnányàdìqū shìchăng. 新产品将在新年前投放当地/国内/国际/东南亚地区市场。 New products will be launched in the local / domestic / international / South East

In Chinese, there are two words for “two”: 二(èr) and 两(liǎng), and Chinese learners are often confused by which one they should use. Today, we will illustrate the correct ways to use each of them. The biggest different between…

我不舒服! y otras enfermedades en Chino


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