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Sitio Aguita pa'la Sed

Sitio Oficial CTM Comunicaciones y Tecnologías Móviles SAS en Florencia Caquetá Colombia

Sitio Ferry Marcopolo

Sitio BA Arquitectos

New iWatch Concept Sports Sleek Design

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81×37″ digital blackboard, virtual keyboard and mouse on a touchscreen surface, 19″ monitor, built-in speakers, markers, tape, rulers, a digital camera, external hard drive, ... This touch screen design table has it all. I think I want one :) Multi-function design board by Michael Powers (2009 prototype).

A Robot Suitcase Follows You During A Journey | If you love travelling and you are keenly interested, what the future travel accessories will look like, imagine a suitcase that follows you at a permanent distance during your journey. The Hop is a new prototype suitcase, which has receivers that communicate with your smartphone to keep your luggage rolling along with you — hands free. A microcontroller counts the suitcase’s position relative to the phone, and keeps the case moving on...

Get Yourself a Grown Up Desk

The Men's Shop: Get Yourself a Grown Up Desk #menslifestyles

Clever Gadget Charging Outlets

Clever Gadget Charging Outlets - The 'Bolt' USB Outlet Upgrades Your Power Sockets with USB Ports

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