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En minutos vamos al aire en "La Nota del Día" por DCC 98.3 FM con nuestra amiga @ingridliendo06

Day 1 Favorite Hetalia Character? I couldn't pick between Prussia or Romano, in the end I picked Romano because He's Romano and I can't help but to Like him

Look, I like Ben affleck as much as the next guy, but do we REALLY want this man as the new batman? I mean come on! Plus he's got the wrong chin. The only thing that actually matters about his face is wrong!

Improving (?) Scotch, A Zillow Nightmare, & The Next Guardians of the Galaxy

Improving (?) Scotch A Zillow Nightmare & The Next Guardians of the Galaxy TIS THE SEASON: (thank you) FIFUHKED: The editor might have a different take on this than myself but this just seems like a decision made on greed and hubris.Editors Note: Nope thisidea stinks. Want to improve the tournament? Dont award hosting duties to a place where its on average 106degrees in the summer. TRICKLE UP ECONOMICS? I am going to be super mindful of the snark on this one. Nobody likes to see this…

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010

How to Live in the Land of Enough - Space

One word that often comes to mind when talking about minimalism is space. With space, we can direct our energy and focus on what means the most. Space is not just an empty room, but it is what surrounds us, everywhere we are. Let’s be honest. It is tough to appreciate your space in an …

17 More Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Now... go clean your weapon!

100 Theme Challenge - Theme 010 - Silence TMNT 2012 - Takes place when the turtles are about 5 y/o - Yes I still consider five-year-olds to be toddlers. Mikey gets strep throat and Splinter advises...

Jelly Roll Race Quilt - 1600 inches becomes a 48x64 quilt

Lo que se hace con pasión y amor, no puede tener otro resultado que la excelencia. Desde Miradas saludamos esta hermosa iniciativa del Círculo de Diseñadores Gráficos en alianza con el Museo de Anzoátegui y su ciclo de talleres gratuitos, dirigidos a jóvenes estudiantes de arte, diseño gráfico, fotografía, y community managers para ampliar conocimientos y recibir orientación gerencial en el manejo de sus potencialidades artísticas.