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Danza del Palo de Mayo

Walk out a the front or back door, close it, and smudge around the door and door frame. Leave the bundle (safely) outside to burn itself out, and then bury it in your back yard. 9. Stay outside for a short while. Let the energies of the house reboot themselves and work. After about 5 minutes go back into the house and that is it done

“I am hidden from those who would seek to harm me”This sigil can be used to help protect yourself from either mundane or magical methods of attack, directed at you by humans or spirits. This acts as a boost to other protection methods such as...

#Wiccan #Wicca #Pagan Uróboros, símbolo alquimista, la eterna renovación del ser <3

In every decision you make, you are either saying yes to an expansive new opportunity, or yes to the illusion of your old past limitations. ~ Kyle Cease

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