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Como hacer moldes de silicona
Handmade mini wooden sign with string art. This item is made with the highest quality wood and supplies available and handmade with love. Each item is made to order and is also customizable. Please let me know if you would like custom colors to match your décor or custom colors for a gift. Size: 5 1/2 inches x 11 1/8 inches (This is an approximate size, most signs are exact but due to these items being handmade, some signs might be slightly smaller or larger depending on the piece of wood…

Reserved for jessica

Saiba como fazer decorações com caixas de fósforo!
wouldn't it be cool if you had this ready at your wedding and had every guest of yours put one string each??? would only work out if you had a big wedding...but who knows.....COOL COOL! (totally made that idea up just now!)

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas

más y más manualidades: Como hacer un cuadro con crayones derretidos.
Die Anleitung habe ich auf Kitschwerk gefunden. http://www.kitschwerk-blog.de/diy-nachweihnachtliche-angeberei-20142/

DIY: Nagel und Faden Bild

Great display of string art. Would be interesting to use this concept and create giant versions for the stage, or for onscreen graphics.

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas