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Manual de mugeres en el qual se contienen muchas y diversas reeutas muy buenas

The still room was found in most great houses and castles throughout Europe dating back at least to medieval times. The lady of the house was in charge of the room, where medicines were prepared, cosmetics, toiletries and many home cleaning products created. Herbs from the garden and countryside were processed into essential oils and infused or distilled as required to make rose water, lavender water, ointments, soaps, furniture polishes and a wide variety of medicines.


Charting: 10 Must-Have Nail Polishes for Spring

From pastel hues to iridescent shimmers, we've hand picked 10 of the hottest spring nail polish colors to try now:

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Pots of promise

This is an article written by an economist about how beauty relates to monetary value and how it is essential for success. It contains some astounding facts that blew my mind. The beauty industry actually creates a global industry worth $160 BILLION a year. This includes cosmetics, diet pills, etc. Also, a study was done by a scientist proving that majority of men from many different cultures all said physical attractiveness was the most important attribute for a women. One word-Shallow.

Statue of Horus the Elder: This figure represents the god Herwer, or Horus the Elder, one of the many gods Tutankhamun restored when he reinstated traditional religion after the revolutionary Amarna period. Herwer, a funerary sky god who would have helped the deceased ascend to the stars, is shown as a mummy with the head of a falcon. His eyes, inlaid with black glass, are surrounded with cosmetic markings mimicking those of a real falcon

In the Elizabethan Era, many cosmetics were eschewed because they were believed to block good energy... - Provided by Marie Claire

History of Mascara: Part 2 The Middle Ages had a very bleak outlook on make-up in general; and mascara, like so many other cosmetics, was ignored. Puritans in England considered make-up to be the work of the Devil and women who used it were in danger of being accused of witchcraft.   In fact, between 14th and 16th centuries in Renaissance Europe eyelashes were considered unattractive and many women who were cursed with dark and thick lashes would pluck them out to achieve the blank look…

The still room is a distillery room found in most great houses, castles or large establishments throughout Europe dating back at least to medieval times. Medicines were prepared, cosmetics and many home cleaning products created, and home-brewed beer or wine was often made.yeoldestillroom

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The Best Beauty Looks From New York Fashion Week: Spring 2013

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