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“El negocio de la guerra sucia y la muerte”.


Lachesis : Greek:, "disposer of lots", in ancient Greek religion, was the second of the Three Fates, or Moirai: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. She was the measurer of the thread spun on Clotho's spindle, and in some texts, determines Destiny, or thread of life. Lachesis was the apportioner, deciding how much time for life was to be allowed for each person or being She measured the thread of life with her rod. She is also said to choose a person's destiny after a thread was measured. In…

Illuminated Manuscript, Compendium of computistical texts, Diagram of the Zodiac •●

Mappa coeli with the 12 signs of the zodiac and months from Tetrabiblos of Ptolemaios Rome BAV S-51 Himmelskarte Ptolomaeus detail

Map of heaven with Zodiac From a medieval illuminated manuscript from Burgo de Osma, which contains among others the book of Marcus Tullius Cicero with the title: "Somnium Scipionis" with a comment from Macrobius. 12th century

Constellation of Gemini with Paranatellonta De temporibus - a treatise on magic or on astrological images: Constellation of Gemini “Tratado de astrología y magia” de Alfonso X El Sabio Rome BAV Reg. lat. 1283 - fol-2v S-133

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