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25 Things Only Track And Field Runners Can Understand

Me gusta la pista.

I try to tell myself before a workout that running is my passion and I will enjoy it, but the complaints only stop when I am actually running!

Track and field quotes. Inspiration

Don't forget butterflies, feeling sick, more waiting at the starting line, heat stroke....

Amen. Lifestyle. Good quote and my favorite athlete. In love <3

25 Things Only Track And Field Runners Can Understand

Buzzfeed// 25 Things Only Track and Field Runners Can Understand

exactly when that all i have to wear for practice, and i run hurdles . . .

amazing. LOLO JONES This quote, right here, is so true and completely amazing. It is so motivating. Because, you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you.

Which sports run the most? Stats show who burns the most shoe leather

An analysis by the Wall Street Journal found the average American Gridiron player only moves, let alone runs, for 11 minutes per game.