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The Lion King’s roars…


Disney = Rick Riordan <---WHERE THE FUDGE IS LEO, FRANK, AND PERCY?!

Nico, Hazel, and Frank

The time Frank thought it would be a fun idea to play monopoly with the children of wealth.

Nico (Nicole), Annabeth (Andy), Percy (Penny), Thalia (?), Frank (Frankie), Hazel (?), Leo (Leia), Piper (Peter), Jason (Jasmine)

by sketchbookofspook: She was still red-eyed from crying. Soon after she landed on the Argo II, her pegasus Scipio had collapsed, overwhelmed by poisoned claw marks from a gryphon attack the night before. Reyna had put the horse out of his misery with her golden knife, turning the pegasus into dust that scattered in the sweet-smelling Greek air. Maybe not a bad end for a flying horse, but Reyna had lost a loyal friend.

by shorelle: Rachel Elizabeth Dare! I was assigned our resident Oracle for the group cover for the PJO Fanzine, which made me really really happy because I love Rachel very much! (seriously, how many mortals have thwarted Kronos with a hairbrush? XD) Not to mention her artistic side… :D