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Diabetic Tools Ninos AS & Ninos GL by Sascha Morawetz » Yanko Design

해상용 SOS 구조 신호 로켓 SOS Rocket – Emergency Buoy by Wonkyung Jang and Jaehyo Lee

Storage Saver Foldable Spaghetti Scoop // packs flat, and folds again to becoming a utensil... so clever! #product_design #industrial_design

Imagine being stuck in an avalanche or being snowed-in at mountains and with little time for rescue. At such scenarios, the implements that we use matter the most. The Saviour is an ice rescue board that can be used by a single rescuer thanks to its built-in winch. The design is such that it factors in time and deployment in the quickest possible fashion. It’s something that can be done, hence should be considered. #Rescue #Board #Design #Reddot #Yankodesign

Frederic Schwab designs for camel transport for doctor and patient in desert

As simple as that may seem, the design of the More Life Saver is complex yet simple at the same time. During an emergency

This 'new-generation outdoor tent' is a nature-interactive and energy-independent tent with two main parts: the Solar-Air Tube system that generates electricity, and creates airflow throughout the tent; and the Sound Drum which captures sounds to interact with nature even when inside... - Yanko Design

Feng Zhu Design: Various Industrial Designs (FZD Students & Alumni)