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Rainbow Caterpillar (J.P. Lawrence Photography) Tags: travel summer southamerica animals bug insect ecuador amazon colorful insects places bugs lepidoptera caterpillar arthropods arthropoda 2012 invertebrate invertebrates entomology arthropod coloration insecta saturniidae amazonrainforest silkwormmoth ceratocampinae payamino procitheronia summer2012 sanjosedepayamino ecuadorsummer2012 procitheroniafenestrata

Stinging Flannel Moth Caterpillar

Euphydryas aurinia chrysalis - Doncella de ondas - Nymphalidae - Lepidoptera

Butterfly I think this is a Malachite

Spectacular Peacock Butterfly. Most beautiful butterfly ever seen

The American Painted Lady or American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis) is found throughout North America. Lives in the flowery habitats, usually the mountains

Los 20 tipos de mantis religiosa más curiosos


Postman Butterfly In a colorful world - by Bill Gracey