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En 1522, la Iglesia Parroquial de la otrora villa Santiago de Cuba o Ermita de Santa Catalina es constituida en catedral, y su sede en ciudad. Su construcción terminó en 1526. En 1653 se fabricó la primera Capilla del Sagrario. En 1611 se trajo desde Cartagena de Indias, un cuadro de Cristo en la columna, pintado por Francisco Antonio y colocado en la puerta del Sagrario. En 1804 es declarada la Santa Iglesia Catedral Iglesia Metropolitana y su prelado ascendido a obispo.Santiago de Cuba

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Excavations of medieval chapel at site linked to King Arthur

The remains of a medieval chapel which King Arthur is thought to have visited have been uncovered for the first time in nearly 50 years. Excavations at Beckery Chapel, near Glastonbury, Somerset aim to accurately date buildings of an early Christian chapel. The trenches, which have been excavated for the first time since 1967-68, will then be filled in and the position of the chapel will be marked on the ground in the field.

TEXTO COMPLETO: Rueda de prensa del Papa Francisco en el vuelo de Cuba a Estados Unidos 22/09/2015 - 03:56 pm .- En el vuelo que lo llevó de Santiago de Cuba a Washington D.C. para su primera e histórica visita a Estados Unidos, el Papa Francisco concedió una rueda de prensa que duró una media hora a los periodistas que viajaron con él.

Kinder Downfall is the highest waterfall in the county, formed where the river Kinder meets the edge of the moorland plateaux. Far below the downfall, the dark waters of Mermaids Pool are reputedly haunted by a water spirit who manifests on the Eve of Easter, perhaps relating to a time of ancient worship in the area.

Demeter Goddess of seed, of fruits abundant, fair, harvest and threshing are thy constant care. Lovely delightful queen, by all desired, who dwellest in Eleusis’ holy vales retired. Nurse of all mortals, who benignant mind first ploughing oxen to the yoke confined; and gave to men what nature’s wants require, with plenteous means of bliss, which all desire.

The yale or centicore is a mythical beast found in European mythology and heraldry. Most descriptions make it an antelope- or goat-like four-legged creature with large horns that it can swivel in any direction.The name might be derived from Hebrew לֵעָי (yael), meaning "Ibex".The yale was first written about by Pliny the Elder in Book VIII of his Natural History. The creature passed into medieval bestiaries and heraldry, where it represents proud defence. The yale is among the heraldic…

The Templete, also called the Columbus Memorial Chapel, in Havana, Cuba. This monument is meant to pay homage to the place where the foundation of the town of Havana was first celebrated in 1519. The monument consists of bust of Christopher Columbus as well as three paintings.

In Greek mythology, Elpis was goddess or personification and spirit of hope. Elpis with evil spirits were trapped in the vessel, by Zeus. Zeus gave to vessel to the first woman, Pandora, with warning never to open the vessel. When Pandora opened the vessel all the evil spirits escaped and only Elpis (hope) remained to comfort mankind. Elpis was described as the daughter of Nyx (night) and as the mother of Pheme. Elpis was depicted as young woman carrying flowers in her arms.