Este es un proyecto escolar que muestra la cantidad de azúcar que contienen estas bebidas... Piensa dos veces antes de gastar tu dinero en bebidas comerciales. La mejor elección y la más saludable es el agua. ¡A TU SALUD! A school project showing the amount of sugar in soft drinks.Think twice before spending your money in commercial beverages. The best choice is water, the healthiest...

TLC is More than Tea. We have Health & Wellness, Energy Supplements…

Nada más hermoso que pensar y crear cosas originales, sencillas y bellas como esta.

Pop Rocks and Soda - Science Fair Project

Two Toothy Eggsperiments - a great way to show kids the affects of soft drinks and coffee on our teeth.

Where to put the oils for your pain.

Adam ... Check out red bull ... I thought there would be more sugar in that!

Make your Science Pop with Pop Rocks! This is a great example like Mrs. Patrick showed with inflating balloons. It is a similar experiment to the beaker, baking soda, and vinegar experiment. Kids love popping candy!

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