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Pixton is a great tool to create comics. It allows you to create an account for the children, so they don't need an e-mail. You can monitor as an adult the account and their work. As well it allows to create comics in groups. Silvia Martínez.

Mission 2: Unveil your inner nine-tails fox I created my avatar with DOPPELME, a great tool for creating avatars that can be used in blogs, forums or anywhere. I love the pictures because they look like manga. I recommend this tool for identity safety reasons and it is also ideal for shy students. This is my avatar information: Name: Ordinary Joe Gender: male Age: in his 40s Occupation: part-time student Interests: music, languages, cinema and books. Talents: fast reader, comic creator.

Using Make Belief Comix, I created this comic adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. By changing the characters slightly, students can focus more on the plot points and the parallels in the story before even realizing it's a story they've heard many times before and are familiar with.

I've got an idea!!! is the tittle of a comic created to teach students in a visual and attractive way contents of Science in English. It is relevant to adapt the language in CLIL lessons and provide scaffolding in order to make easier the process of learning. Created with the tool Make Beliefs Comics, it is just one example out of the many tools that we can find on the web to create comics and that can be used to teach linguistic content and contents on different non-linguistic areas.

3.1 Movie Storyboard: The Mistake, This is another option to create comics or plan the scenes that will be part of the movie. In class, this activity will help students organize and plan all the steps before developing the shortfilm. Students will decide what to include or discard, so they need to choose and keep the relevant information After trying different tools to create my own comic, I decided to use Firstly ,because you can add indefinite frames. Secondly, because there is a wide range of avatars, objects and settings. Finally, this is a user-friendly tool and from my point of view, it is very attractive for my students not only to read comics (practising reading skills) but also for writing their own comics. Undoubtedly, I will use it with my students.

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