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What great self sacrifice and love our brothers show as they learn sign language and as Jehovah’s Witnesses they reach out to deaf congregants.

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Spiritismus | Viele Menschen suchen Kontakt zu den Toten. Was sagt die Bibel dazu? Ist es verkehrt, Kontakt mit den Toten zu suchen? (Spiritism | Many attempt to communicate with the dead, but how does the Bible view this?)


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The Watchtower "What would you like to ask god?". For more information go to

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「깨어라!」 잡지, 2013년 7월: 항의 시위가 해결책인가?

깨어라! 2013년 7월 | 항의 시위가 해결책인가? | 이번 호에서는 왜 시위가 급격히 증가하는지 그리고 어디에서 해결책을 발견할 수 있는지 알려 줍니다. (AWAKE! JULY 2013 | Is Protest the Answer? | In this issue, learn why there has been a surge in protests and where to turn for the solution.) Korean