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Ven a conocer sobre la cultura coreana y japonesa con los diferentes talleres #Gramática #Contemporáneo #Clásico #Palillos #Vestimenta #Karaoke #AsianConnection2015 #UTH #Honduras

I posted an invention on quirky! Please vote for it and repin! Woo! (I know my images are terrible. Sorry, but the idea is solid!)

Beauty is one of the most challenging, heart-wrenching topics facing teens through twenty-something gals and even today’s women. No matter the age, females struggle to understand where they fit on the beauty scale and how to accurately see their reflection in the mirror. Christian teens as well as they moms and mentors wrestle with finding healthy boundaries on beautifying the outside, while they know it is their inner beauty that matters most. In our collection of Redefining Beauty…

Quick Overview: I don't know who doesn't like Nerf Gu…

Ice Breaker Games for Small Groups (with Pictures) | eHow

This is probably one of the funnest games I've heard of in a long time. It comes from youth pastor, Dave McCormick. Supplies: 1. A Couple Bananas per group 2. Banana Costumes (these can be inexpensive - from Amazon or Walmart) How to Play:ProTips: 1. Call authorities ahead of time. If you're going to do this at the mall, consider letting management know. 2. Tell your bananassassins to take it easy. They don't need to take a whole team out. Dave says, "We did a…

New Years Youth Group Lock In Ideas

CATHOLIC CHURCH AND HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE. Pope Benedict has long been concerned about homosexual behavior, taking the stance that there are different kinds of homosexuals. In 1975 he issued the Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics which delineated a difference between transitory and pathological homosexuality. However, even in denouncing homosexual behavior, he called

4 things that will help you make a better Youth Ministry Calendar (#4 is SO true!)

In youth ministry we’ve begun to notice that two things occur as our youth programs become increasingly self-sustaining and disconnected: the adults in our congregation feel left out, uninformed and unappreciated, and the teenagers in our groups fail to become a part of the larger church family as God intends.

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