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Explora 2 Salmones, Recién Salidos, ¡y mucho más!

Futomaki 2 Salmones, recién salidos de las manos de nuestro Itamae.

Momentos de nuestro espacio de Palermo.

Futomaki Acevichado, bañado en leche de tigre.

1 sheet toasted nori 1 cup prepared sushi rice (the method I use) 2-3 tbsps spicy scallop filling 2-3 tempura fried shrimp 3 slices of avocado (each slice 1/16th of a whole avocado) 1-2 tbsps masago (flying fish roe) daikon sprouts 1 avocado, sliced thin

Japanese food: Temari-sushi

Takoyaki, heart of Japanese junk food @Takotora, Kyoto, JP

Japanese Food Hitsumabushi is a tasty dish of chopped grilled eel on a bed of rice in a lacquerrware container called a Hitsu. You can enjoy this dish three ways. In addition to eating it just as it is, you can also mix green onion and Wasabi, or pour broth over the eel and rice and enjoy it as Chazuke. :)

Japanese food -nabeyaki udon (hot pot udon) photo by bananagranola