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Jesus was a Palestinian and Why it Matters

If he was actually a real person it is written he was born in Palestino ( Roman name for now Palestine ) of hebrew parents was of the Jewish Religion & would've spoken Hebrew & possibly Aramaic ! He himself could not have been a christian because when he is said to have been alive christianity didn't exist !

True Contemplation and it's counterfeit Part 1

Then quite by chance I came across a book in the library called The Dark Night of the Soul by St John of the Cross, whom I’d never heard of at the time. I couldn’t believe what I read; I couldn’t believe how this Carmelite saint, whom I’d never heard about before, seemed to understand with such precision exactly what I’d been through, where I was at, and where I should be going

A combined picture of two paintings, probably by the same artist, showing Mary holding Baby Jesus in her arms on one side and holding the dead body of Her beloved Son on the other side. Very powerful!

El bautismo de Cristo (Carl Heinrich Bloch)

Sagrado Corazón. A Él cuando siento que de poder, ya no puedo.