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exposición depredadores prehistoricos del mar - Buscar con Google

Ferocious Dunkleosteus comes in for a bite. Digging out a Dunkleosteus – Gently Does It | @Jane Izard Izard Izard Izard Curtis Dinosaur

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Lucky Break Leads To Discovery Of Prehistoric Species

Liopleurodon rossicus (right), Middle - Late Jurassic (162 - 150 Ma), Genus discovered by Sauvage, 1873; and Leedsichthys problematicus, Middle Jurassic, Discovered by Woodward, 1883

Suchomimus tenerensis, a large Spinosaurid Theropod from North-Eastern Africa during the early mid-Cretaceous. It's anatomy and skull suggest it was an active aquatic predator. It's skull and jaws were long and narrow like that of a crocodile, leading palaeontologist Paul Sereno to describe it as, "A dinosaur trying very hard to be a crocodile."

Farmer Finds Enormous Prehistoric Sea Monster Jaw Kronosaurus queenslandicus

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Carcharodon megalodon (Mégalodon) : élevage

Carcharodon megalodon : Mégalodon