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Death of the Supermom (and 5 Myths that Keep Moms from Being Happy)

Hubble- awesome! isn't the universe totally

Si quedáis conmigo para hacer una lectura de vuestros 4 PILARES, en realidad quedáis con vosotros mismos! ¿QUÉ SÓN? Casi todo, aquí: http://www.montsemilian.com/home/astrologia-xinesa-ba-zi

10 Moroccan Style Tower Candle Lanterns $80 Intricate panels cast a haunting halo of dancing candlelight, while a graceful outer shape brings to mind a Moroccan temple tower. A truly spellbinding symbol of Far East romance!Each measures: 4 1/8" square x 13" high.Iron.Candles not includedWeight 1 lb. each

This dark cloud may look eerie and foreboding, but it is actually a smorgasbord of stellar phenomena. It is a cocoon of gas and dust that is gradually birthing stars, and the bright reflection nebula (lower left) that is illuminated by a flurry of adolescent stars.

Dancing Colors “The Pillar” (2013). This is a visualization of sound. Colored crystals leap from the surface of a speaker as it emits sound waves. More starting at 2:13 in Oefner’s talk.

Images From NASA

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