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Jesús Muñoz Tébar fue un ingeniero, militar y político venezolano conocido por sus labores como ministro de Obras Públicas en cinco ocasiones durante el gobierno de Antonio Guzmán Blanco y su pensamiento político progresista para la época.

Pedro Martínez, mejor conocido como Jorge Félix, actor cubano-venezolano.12-03-1975. (ARCHIVO / EL NACIONAL).

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The Equestrianista

María Carolina Josefina Pacanins y Niño... now known as Carolina Herrera. She looks sensational her flared riding breeches and smart, tailored shirt.

Younger and older pics. Juana Ramírez (1790–1856) was born a slave in Venezuela and later became a heroine of the Venezuelan War of Independence known as "Juana La Avanzadora".

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7 Little-Known Animals Who Are Delightfully Weird

Poodle Moth The Venezuelan poodle moth is a fuzzy little insect who was discovered in 2009 and still has yet to receive a scientific name. In fact, the critter was originally believed to be an Internet hoax. Very little is known about this moth, except his obvious desire to dress up like a cotton ball. Next: Advice From Cats

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'Everlasting storm' has 1 million lightning strikes a year

Relámpago del Rio Catatumbo en el Lago Maracaibo— 3,600 lightning bolts per hour. 160 nights per year.

B-movie star Acquanetta. Although she was promoted as the “Venezuelan Volcano”, and claimed Arapaho Indian heritage, I dug up the July 1950 edition of the Los Angeles Sentinel which described her as “beautiful Negro screen actress Mildred Davenport, known professionally as “Acquanetta”. She told different stories to different media - but she could get away with it because she was not that famous. Bear with me, this post is a bit long… In 1942 she described herself as a member of the Arapahoe…