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Fuente de la Gran Cascada, Palacio Peterhof. San Petersburgo, RU.-

Peterhof Palace is a jewel of Russian art - an exquisite summer residence of Russian tsars, know as the "Russian Versailles". designed by Peter the Great, and is noted for its "Grand Cascade of golden fountains" which continue from the palace all the way to the sea. built between 1709 and 1724, but was almost totally destroyed during WWII. The palace complex and the glorious fountains have been beautifully restored.

Gran Cascada y Fuente de Sanson (Palacio Peterhof).- RU.-

Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) – royal palace and park near St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Summer Palace of Tsar Alexis Mikahilovich at Kolomenskoye - made of wood.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral at Peterhof, Russia

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Often referred to as “The Russian Versaille,” Perterhof Palace is one St. Petersburg’s most famous and popular attractions. Peter the Great is said to have taken inspiration from Versaille’s architecture when he had Peterhof built. The translation of the palace’s title literally means “Peter’s Court.” On the Grand Palace grounds are numerous gardens, pools, fountains, and smaller, royal buildings.